Getting Started

1. Create your account

Don't have an account set up yet? Make sure you register an account in order to enjoy playing on the Prepared TBC server.


2. Download the game client

If you don't already have a copy of TBC game client (patch 2.4.3), then you need to download a copy in order to play.


3. Edit your realmlist file

In order to play on our server, you need to open the file inside of the game client folder. With a text-editor, change the contents to set realmlist

set realmlist

4. Load the game with Wow.exe

You need to use Wow.exe to play the game. Do not use the launcher to start the game. Log in to the game with your username and password that you created earlier.

5. Enjoy playing

That's it! Enjoy playing the game, follow the rules and have fun. See you in the game!